Frequently Asked Questions

HSC 5G Protect Smart Card

What is HSC 5G protection smartcard?

HSC 5G protection smartcard is titanium card used for protection from mobile phone radiation.

From what does HSC 5G smartcard protect us from?

It protect us from radio frequency radiation, electromagnetic radiation as well as microwave radiation (all present while using mobile phones).

Does HSC 5G protection smartcard work on any type of mobile phone?

Yes, HSC 5G protection smartcard works on any type of mobile phone and can also be applied to other electronic devices like laptops or tablets.

In the name it is stated 5G, but does it work with older types of networks?

The HSC 5G protection smartcard is programmed in a way that it protects from radiation of all older networks (2G, 3G and 4G/LTE).

How does it work?

All we need to do is attach the HSC 5G protection smartcard to the back of our phone and it generates protection field which reduces the radiation.

How can we be sure that it works?

HSC 5G protection smartcard has been tested by multiple science institutes and has certificate from the independent laboratory that it reduces the effects of mobile phone radiation (certificate from BION institute in Slovenia).