Scientifically Designed And Patented Products


Who Are We?

The HSC brand is focused on health and a healthy lifestyle. Our operations are based on research and development of new technologies and are dedicated to bringing about a brighter future and better health for users of our products.

What are we?/Who are we here for?

We are guided by the needs and desires of consumers – above all by their desire for a healthy lifestyle. HSC products are intended for everyone looking for health and a healthier, i.e. better lifestyle.

Beliefs, objectives and benefits

We wish to build and maintain long-term relationships with consumers by offering them unique products adapted to their needs, to add value by developing new products, innovating, recognizing new business opportunities and setting new health-based market trends. We wish to be a modern, innovative and efficient company that distributes high quality products and contributes to the quality of life and health of our consumers. Quality, innovation and consumers’ health represent the key guidelines for our innovations, development of new products and strengthening of our brand.


Tesla’s scalar technology, the technological basis of all our products, is based on decades of laboratory research conducted by American, Russian, Swiss and Croatian scientists. Essentially, this is a combination of use of scalar technology and new, modern scientific discoveries. Basic concepts of the technology were developed by NASA for the American space program.

Patents and certificates

The designer and owner of patents, the technological basis of all of our HSC products, Mr. Slavko Lauš, has received a number of international awards and accolades for his innovations and earlier versions of products that we now proudly call the HSC protection. The characteristics and positive health effects of HSC products have been tested and certified in specialized laboratories in Europe and the world. BION INSTITUTE Ltd. Ljubljana, Slovenia RF Exposure Lab, California, United States