What is HSC affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a system where you, as our affiliate partner, make a financial profit by promoting our HSC brand and products and by encouraging their purchase.

Affiliate marketing is a practical promotion of our products, where you earn an agreed commission for every sale (in our case, a defined fixed amount per product unit sold). Today, affiliate sales are one of the most popular product promotion and sales methods. In our region, this method is still in its infancy, while on the global market large sums of money are being earned that way.

In traditional stores, you resell products, while this selling method does not require you to sell anything, but to refer customers to our online store: . The affiliate promotion of our HSC products can be carried out by natural persons and business entities. Many websites, blogs and YouTube channels have been making great money that way; however, natural persons and business entities are most relevant to you.

What natural persons?

People, individuals with strong social skills and a wide circle of acquaintances who respect and value them as opinion makers who can give advice when it comes to shopping.

Business entities?

Smaller stores and business entities with well-organized active sales carried out by their sellers. Business entities do not necessarily include the affiliate product in their range, but refer their regular customers and users of their services to HSC products, that is, recommend the AFFILIATE PRODUCT and offer them the unique opportunity to buy HSC products in the online store of the AFFILIATE PRINCIPAL.

How do our HSC affiliate sales work?

The TSP d.o.o. company, as the manufacturer and distributor of the HSC brand (AFFILIATE PRINCIPAL) shall sign an affiliate promotional activities contract with you, that is, the natural or legal person (AFFILIATE PARTNER). After signing the contract, the AFFILIATE PRINCIPAL provides you, the AFFILIATE PARTNER, a unique AFFILIATE PROMOTIONAL CODE and makes all the necessary promotional materials and/or creative solutions for designing such materials available to you. (Creative material with the possibility of adaptation is available only when the AFFILIATE PARTNER is physically located outside Croatian, English and German speaking countries.)

The AFFILIATE PARTNER starts promoting the products to end customers, i.e. potential users of HSC products. The AFFILIATE PARTNER (you) temporarily gives his/her own AFFILIATE CODE to end customers who use this code when buying products in the online store of the AFFILIATE PRINCIPAL in order to obtain a certain AFFILIATE DISCOUNT from a minimum of 20% to a maximum 50%. (The amount of the discount varies throughout the financial year. The AFFILIATE PRINCIPAL informs the AFFILIATE PARTNER about the amount of and changes to the AFFILIATE DISCOUNT available to AFFILIATE END CUSTOMERS on a regular basis.) The unique AFFILIATE CODE of the AFFILIATE PARTNER is defined for one individual purchase completed by every AFFILIATE END CUSTOMER. (One purchase does not mean one product, but one act of purchasing regardless of the value of the shopping cart.)

The AFFILIATE CUSTOMER obtains a discount of at least 20% on the value of the shopping cart when using the AFFILIATE PROMOTIONAL CODE. After completing the purchase, i.e. after the AFFILIATE CUSTOMER pays the AFFILIATE PRINCIPAL for the purchased products, the realized sales are recorded in the AFFILIATE sales information system of the AFFILIATE PRINCIPAL and attributed to the AFFILIATE PARTNER, depending on the quantity of product units sold. Based on the quantities of products sold via the AFFILIATE CODE recorded in the AFFILIATE information system, the AFFILIATE PRINCIPAL (TSP d.o.o.) calculates and pays the agreed commission to the AFFILIATE PARTNER once a month.

If you are interested in this way of cooperation, please contact us and/or fill in the attached application form for the HSC Affiliate Promotional Programme

Note: If You are interested for HSC Affiliate Promotional Programme You can find application form below in this document or you can fill our online contact form.

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