Correlator - Smart Needle

pre-programmed with a dynamic scalar field that induces beneficial energy correlations into the treated medium: fluids, food, bio-organism

smart needle first

Transform negative into positive Influence

Planet Earth is facing pollution, extinction of plant and animal life and growing climate changes. Intake of matter and energy from such contaminated environment is a threat to the human body and health. Driven by the fact that water is the most important polar solvent and the most important component of all living beings, we have created a device that neutralizes the harmful substances it may contain.Through the contact of the HSC correlator (Smart-needle) with the medium and by consuming such programmed water and food, the body restores its balance, renews its energy and heals itself.

Influence on Water

Revitalise water, juice, beer or wine Before consumption

Influence on Body

relieves pain by touching the sore spot on the body

Tesla Based Approach

We use scalar coding within multidimensional hologram paradigm to pre-program the fractal dynamics of quantum energy correlations in the subject-object

Influence on Food

Revitalise soup, salad, solid food, fruit or vegetables before consumption.


BION Institute certificate for influence on water and energy influence

Improve Your Food And Heal Your Body


Revives water

Improvements in all relevant parameters of drinking water quality: enhanced oxygen content, elimination of viruses, improved dynamics of ionic fractal clusters


Relieves pain

Touch the sore spot and reduce joint pain, headaches or menstrual cramps


Revives food

HSC correlator performance characteristics have been tested at specialized labs in Europe and worldwide.